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Energizer batteries are designed to hold more power for longer periods of time to provide long life for the devices you use every day. When a AA battery won't. Lithium coin battery with no inscription; Front of / battery 1 pack; Back of / battery 1 pack Specifications; Best uses; Equivalent to. 4 Super Fresh Duracell SRSW Silver Oxide Watch Batteries. Sealed in original Package. Works in: Watches, computer motherboards, calculators, PDAs.

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LR44 is an alkaline V battery. The most common equivalent batteries are: AG13; L; LR; Silver Oxide Equivalent Batteries LR44 can be also be. Duracell Silver Oxide Button Batteries provide reliable, long-lasting power for This Duracell / Silver Oxide Button Battery is equivalent to SR Battery. Watch. High Drain. x x SB-AW. SR x x

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Coin/Button cell batteries (conversion table). Silver-oxide batteries. Size (mm) D SRSW. × DURACELL BATTERY CROSS REFERENCE GUIDE SRSW. KS SP V, V SRSW. / GP SR 37; ; ; BA; SB-AW / SRSW. Silver Oxide Battery CROSS-REFERENCE CHART. Watch Battery [ Low-Drain ] , , SRSW, , D, , , V, SB-AW, BA, , , SR