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Because the symptoms of a heart attack can be different in women than in men, many women are unaware of the warning signs of heart disease or heart attack. In. These symptoms often occur in women, and many women do not realize it is a medical emergency. What are the Risk Factors of Heart Disease? There are 3 key risk. The leading voice for the millions of American women living with or at risk of heart disease · Learn the signs and symptoms of heart attacks in women. · Don't go.

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Keep in mind that heart attack symptoms are not the same for everyone and, of course, differ between men and women, with women more likely to experience nausea. Heart attacks are generally more severe in women than in men. In the first year after a heart attack, women are more than 50% more likely to die than men are. Women's heart disease tends to appear in the smaller, blood vessels of the heart (microvascular disease) rather than the major coronary arteries.

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Women and men share largely the same risk factors for heart disease. Smoking, being overweight or obese, high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as a family. Women are twice as likely to die of coronary heart disease, the main cause of heart attack, as breast cancer in the UK. Yet it is still not always seen as a. Understanding Gender Independent of Biological Sex: Gender, independent of sex, predicts poor outcomes of acute coronary syndrome in both women and men.